CD Rates

Minimum Opening Deposit 1,000.00
Term 12 months
Interest Rate 0.50%
Annual Percentage Yield 0.50%
Annual Percentage Yield is effective as of August 3, 2016.
Rates are subject to change. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

SGBC Encourages "Digital Spring Cleaning"

South Georgia Banking Companyís commitment to to our customers and their financial security is a top priority.  Along with The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are encouraging consumers to be proactive and keep their cybersecurity top of mind by doing a thorough "digital spring cleaning."  SGBC also suggests making this an annual ritual.  By keeping all of your computers, laptops, tablets, etc. clean - purging old files and enhancing security features - you can ensure that your online reputation stays intact.

The NCSA and BBB offer great tips for a four-week plan.  Click here for a printable Digital Spring Cleaning checklist on our SGBC site.  Call South Georgia Banking Company with any questions - our aim is to keep your protected.

Business Smarts

Better Business Banking

South Georgia Banking Company means business Ė Business Smarts. We know running a small business is hard work; and our team is focused on delivering the banking services you need with personal attention. Why? Offering loans, checking accounts and online banking are all great Ė but, not exactly new. However, taking a sincere interest in the health of your business, making an onsite visit and personally reviewing our annual financial analysis with clients is pretty refreshing for everyone. And, we think itís just smart.

Core Business Services

Small business loans are our specialty. Local decisions and quick response time sets us apart from other lenders. South Georgia Banking Company specializes in equipment loans, short-term working capital needs, lines of credit and fixed asset expansion.

We also utilize SBA-504 loans to assist customers in gaining extended terms on their loans at a fixed rate for business real estate and equipment. These loans may require as little as 10 percent capital injection by the borrower. Your lender will be glad to discuss the application procedures for SBA-504 loans; loans under this program must meet SBA eligibility requirements.

Signature Business Smarts Services


On Site Visit

If you think itís hard for your lender to understand your business unless he sees your operation in action, we agree. Thatís why our lenders come to your place of business to learn more about your goals and day-to-day operations.

Financial Analysis

Our team uses a credit analysis solution to perform global cash flow analysis for borrowers. The program, which uses input from tax returns and financial statements, produces spreadsheets of the following:

  • Financials and an in-depth global cash flow analysis
  • Impact of proposed loans on financial metrics
  • Forecasting and projection models
  • Customizable credit memos
  • Private company benchmarking using real-time industry database
  • Narrative analysis reports

Our financial tools helps the bank and the borrower ensure accurate and consistent global cash flow analysis. The borrower receives a copy of the report which includes in depth analysis of the financial information of the company compared to peers. It also includes graphs, rations, and suggestions for improvement of any weak areas identified during the analysis. The value of this free service is enhanced with a one-on-one interpretation with your lenders. Isnít that smart?

About Business Banking

 Business Checking

Whether you are a small business with limited transactions or a large corporation with significant check writing and deposit activity, a South Georgia Banking Company Business Checking account can offer you features and fees to suit your business. Features include payroll direct deposit, Internet Banking, and night depository service. A Customer Service Representative will be glad to discuss which account best suits your needs.

 Business Savings*

South Georgia Banking Company offers an interest bearing savings account to enable our customers to save, and at the same time, have easy access to their money. Saving for the future is made easy with an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings account. Open this account with a minimum deposit of $50.00. Six free withdrawals can be made during each quarterly statement period; additional withdrawals are $2.50 each. The interest rate and annual percentage yield is subject to change at the bank's discretion. Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items. Interest will be compounded quarterly and will be credited to the account quarterly. If you close the account before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest.

 Money Market Account*

Choose this account to earn the Money Market interest rates. The interest is determined by an account balance tier formula; the higher the balance the higher the rate. No monthly maintenance fees for daily balances of $2,500 or more.

* Savings accounts may make no more than six (6) preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts, debit card and other similar transactions from your account per month or statement cycle.

 Merchant Processing

Your customers will appreciate being able to pay using their debit or credit card. Using South Georgia Banking Companyís Merchant Processing, retail merchants are able to process credit and debit card transactions with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please call our representative for details concerning discount rates, machine rental and setup.

 Agricultural Loans

Agriculture has played a large part in our growth and success. See us for your equipment, land acquisition or operating agricultural loans. Our agricultural loan specialists know South Georgia farming. We stay familiar with the government programs and remain involved with the agricultural community. Our agricultural lenders welcome the opportunity to discuss your financing needs.

 Commercial Loans

Small business loans are our specialty. Our local decisions and quick response time sets us apart from other lenders. South Georgia Banking Company specializes in equipment loans, short term working capital needs, and fixed asset expansion. Contact one of our commercial lenders to discuss your business needs.

 Additional Services

  • Safe Deposit Boxes -
    Protect your valuables and keep your important documents safe at all times with one of our Safe Deposit Boxes. Sizes range from a 3x5 to a 10x10 with annual fees ranging from $20.00 to $60.00. Rest easy each day knowing the items you store are safe and secure.
  • 24 Hour Telephone Banking -
    Keep in touch with your money 24 hours a day with South Georgia Banking Companyís Telephone Banking. With the use of your touch tone telephone, you can get information on your checking, savings, Certificate of Deposit, or loan accounts. In addition, you can transfer funds and receive a fax of your transactions. The phone number to access Telephone Banking is (229) 382-5680 or toll free (877) 482-5680.
  • Overdraft Protection -
    Worried about accidental overdrafts, let us set up an automatic overdraft protection transfer from one of your other checking or savings accounts.
  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa Travel Cards
  • Night Depository Service
  • Bank-By-Mail