CD Rates

Minimum Opening Deposit 1,000.00
Term 12 months
Interest Rate 0.50%
Annual Percentage Yield 0.50%
Annual Percentage Yield is effective as of July 20, 2016.
Rates are subject to change. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

SGBC Encourages "Digital Spring Cleaning"

South Georgia Banking Companyís commitment to to our customers and their financial security is a top priority.  Along with The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are encouraging consumers to be proactive and keep their cybersecurity top of mind by doing a thorough "digital spring cleaning."  SGBC also suggests making this an annual ritual.  By keeping all of your computers, laptops, tablets, etc. clean - purging old files and enhancing security features - you can ensure that your online reputation stays intact.

The NCSA and BBB offer great tips for a four-week plan.  Click here for a printable Digital Spring Cleaning checklist on our SGBC site.  Call South Georgia Banking Company with any questions - our aim is to keep your protected.

Online Banking

Access your account 24 hours a day from home, work or on the road with our online services.

Monitor your accounts, transfer funds and pay your bills - all online with just a few clicks.

Itís easier than you think to get startedÖset-up time takes just a few minutes. Personal banking customers may enroll online; business banking customers may see one of our customer service representatives to get set up.

Demo and Enroll

Online Bill Pay

What could be easier than paying your bills without ever writing a check? You will quickly discover Bill Pay to be the fastest and most convenient method to pay all your bills. You may access the service anytime, day or night, from the Internet. Bill Pay is a South Georgia Banking Company service designed to make your life a little bit easier.

Fees and Charges

There are no additional fees for accessing Personal or Business Internet Banking through South Georgia Banking Companyís Internet Banking service. Other Business Internet Banking fees are based on the services requested. The Bill Pay service fee is $6.95 per month for personal or business accounts.

eStatement FAQ

1. What is an eStatement and how do I sign up? 

An eStatement is the electronic delivery of your statement, replacing the statement that is currently provided to you via U.S. Postal Service. 

Once you are signed up for eStatement, you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail. 

To begin retrieving your statements online, just log into your South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking, click on View Statements and enroll the account(s) you would like to receive via eStatement. You do have to be a South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking Customer to receive eStatements. If you are not currently banking online, click on Personal Accounts under the Online Banking section at and then click on Sign up for Online Banking, then follow the instructions. Business customers must come into a South Georgia Banking Company branch to enroll.

2. What are the benefits of receiving an eStatement?

  • Itís free.
  • Ability to print and/or save to your computer or disk. (Please use safe computing practices when storing any personal information on your PC or removable media. South Georgia Banking Company will not be responsible or liable for the loss or theft of any files that you choose to save or store on a PC or removable media.)
  • Can access up to 38 months of eStatement history. (After you enroll for eStatement you will be able to view your next statement online and that will start building your statement history. Up to 38 months of past eStatements are retained.)
  • Added security - with eStatements you avoid mail fraud and mail theft.
  • View your eStatement anytime itís convenient for you.
  • eStatements are received on the same day they are prepared, no waiting for the mail to arrive.

3. Will my eStatement look the same as the statement in the mail? 

Yes, and it will include all of the same information including your check images.

4. What are the minimum system requirements for my PC? 

This product is best viewed using XP Browsers: IE8, IE9, Fx 20.0.1, Chrome 26.0.14 | Win 7 Browsers: IE8, IE9, Fx 20.0.1, Chrome 26.0.14 | Win 8 Browsers: IE 10, Fx 21 and Chrome 26 | Mac OSX 10.6.8 Browsers: Safari 6.0, Fx 17.0.1, Chrome 24.0.13. It is necessary to have Adobe Reader 5.0 or above installed on your PC to view the eStatement. A free copy of Adobe Reader may be obtained from the Adobe website at

5. How will I be notified that my eStatement is ready to be viewed? 

We will send you a notification by email. Please make sure that we have your correct email address by logging into your South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking and clicking on My Profile. If your email address is incorrect you may update it by clicking on Change Profile Information.

6. What if my email address changes? 

You are responsible for notifying us of any email address change. You may update your email information through South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking by clicking on My Profile and then clicking on Change Profile Information.

7. Can I continue receiving eStatements but cancel the email that notifies me that my eStatement is ready to be viewed? 

No. The email is sent for your security and protection.

8. Can I get my eStatement emailed to me instead? 

No, your eStatement cannot be emailed to you. Email is not a secure way to send your eStatements.

9. Will my eStatement be on South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking if for some reason I donít receive my email notification? 

Yes, your eStatement and email notification are independent of one another. If you do not receive your email notification, your eStatement will still be on South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking for you to access. If you donít receive your email notification you will need to first verify that your email address is correct and make sure that you have South Georgia Banking Company added to your trusted senderís list. Contact us at 229-382-4211 or 888-782-4211 for further assistance if needed.

10. Can I have my eStatement email notification sent to more than one email address? 

Yes, we can send your eStatement notification to more than one email address. Please contact the Internet Banking department at 229-382-4211 or 888-782-4211 if an additional email address needs to be added.

11. Will joint account holders be able to view the eStatement? 

Yes, as long as they have access to log into South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking.

12. Is my eStatement secure? 

Yes. Security of your information is a priority. Your eStatement is protected by 128-bit encryption and is only accessible by logging into South Georgia Banking Company Online Banking.

13. If I close my account, will my last statement come electronically if I'm signed up to receive eStatement? 

No, your final statement will be sent to you via U.S. Postal Service. You will no longer be able to access your account or any eStatements online once the account is closed.

14. What if I change my mind and do not want eStatement? 

You can cancel your eStatement at any time by contacting your local South Georgia Banking Company branch. Paper statements will then be sent to you via U.S. Postal Service.